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The Elder Witches (or You Gotta Start Somewhere!)

Jan 24/2017 10:59 By repacker, Views: 543

The goddess Airmid, the Earth mother, bestows a gift on an ancient witch. This gift is passed down through rare and gifted witches, who’ve kept relatively to themselves working on their craft. What wasn’t told to them was the side effect of the “gift” they’d received.

Modern technology has made it ever more difficult in keeping thei

Fea World part 1

Jan 21/2017 17:01 By repacker, Views: 386

When I was a kid I blamed my condition on an over-active imagination and too many movies, or at least that's what I heard adults say. When I became a teen I used drugs to dull the way I saw world. Sometimes I could blame it on the LSD or mushrooms, pretending the things I saw weren't real. I looked for new ways to numb my mind of the creatures that only I

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Follow up shots

Jan 19/2017 05:02 By repacker, Views: 284

I've been shooting for a while now, a number of years.Nothing serious, I go to the local pistol league and some level one IDPA, and occasionally USPSA matches. I used to do more drills when I first started then fizzled out on them-- so, I stopped doing them. This year I've decided to try to get better. I'm trying to analyze what it takes to, per component

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Angel hunt (rough draft)

Jan 17/2017 09:40 By repacker, Views: 346

I sat under the big maple tree in the yard, golden spots of sunlight seeped through the leaves. Birds chirped in the woods that surrounded the the yard. A yapper dog barked in the distance. All that noise would draw them in for sure. They weren't dumb, they would know a human would be near the noise.

I made sure for the dozenth time that I couldn'

Blake Drill

Jan 17/2017 06:29 By repacker, Views: 253

Working more on drills for my 2016 push to get better. I'm still about the same time for draws, around 1.3 to be comfortable seeing my sights before the shot. I feel like I don't see the sight if I do a 1.0 draw. The key for me, still, is to get better grip and forearm strength and to stay relaxed. Up to 7 yards I don't really see too much problem with .2

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